Dr. David Aldulaimi

Clinical Interests

Dr David AldulaimiOesophageal, coeliac, colorectal and inflammatory bowel disease and the irritable bowel syndrome.

Professional memberships

  • British Medical Association
  • British Society of Gastroenterology
  • Royal College of Physicians

David is a consultant physician and gastroenterologist. He was educated in London. He graduated in Medicine from the University of London, University College and the Middlesex Hospital, in 1992.

He received his general medical training in London and then specialised in general medicine and gastroenterology in the West Midlands. For 2 years he was a research fellow at Walsgrave Hospital and the University of Warwick, studying oesophageal and inflammatory bowel disease, leading to the award of an M.D. His clinical research investigated the long-term outcome for patients diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. His laboratory research investigated the aetiology of inflammatory bowel disease, the molecular basis of inflammation and the effects of immunosuppressant therapy. This research has been presented at local and national conferences and published as original articles in internationally peer-reviewed journals.

His ongoing academic and clinical interests include all aspects of luminal gastroenterology (oesophageal, coeliac, colorectal and inflammatory bowel disease and dietary therapy for the irritable bowel syndrome). He is a member of an international collaboration that has developed a consensus statement for the treatment of early oesophageal cancer and supports national studies investigating oesophageal and inflammatory bowel disease. He has developed a shared care pathway for the management of inflammatory bowel disease and leads local studies investigating coeliac disease and the irritable bowel syndrome.

In 2016 David moved his NHS practice from Worcestershire to Warwickshire.


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Outside of work his interests include current affairs, music and bridge.

For further information please visit www.colorectalclinic.uk.com.

Mr Paul Super

Paul SuperF.R.C.S, Laparoscopic Anti-reflux surgery

Mr Paul Super dedicates his practice to upper gastro-intestinal laparoscopic surgery. He is based at Heart of England NHS Trust where there is a very large oesophageal practice.

He performs 3-5 laparoscopic anti-reflux procedures weekly as well as other advanced laparoscopic procedures on the stomach and oesophagus and has been performing this surgery in Birmingham since 1999.

The majority of his anti-reflux surgery is performed as a day-case procedure.

He has a personal experience of over 700 cases of anti-reflux surgery alone.

He is a Fellow of the Royal College Surgeons, and holds memberships of the General Medical Council and Association of Upper GI Surgeons.

He presents widely on laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery at national and International meetings and is highly respected for his contribution to work in this field.